When looking into investing in a franchise or business, there arefour critical factors for investors to consider:

  1. Do not select a franchise/business that is in a mature or declining market trend; be sure that the franchise/business you select is in an Industry Category that has strong, future growth;
  2. Keep away from franchise/business models that would compete with a “Big Box” chain;
  3. Critically important that the franchise/business must have competitive uniqueness advantages with strong, tangible differentiators vs. other franchises/businesses in the same market niche;
  4. The franchise/business must have a proven, working model with astrong infrastructure:
  1. Senior management with expertise in the market segment they represent
  2. Solid financial strength in their balance sheet
  3. Regulatory expertise to follow compliance of each state’s criteria in their market niche
  4. Training programs; initial and on-going for franchisees
  5. Marketing expertise to enhance brand recognition for franchisees
  6. On-going updates to remain competitive with others in their market niche

Franchise BIZ Experts’ Advisory Coaches work closely with our clients to assure they are presented Franchisors or Businesses that would fall within the above four critical factors identified above.