A potential business owner that has an interest in purchasing and running a franchise would benefit from the services of an FBE Franchise Advisory Coach (FAC). Our FAC’s can provide expertise and guidance throughout the entire process. Listed below are 12 reasons that it is advantageous to use Franchise BIZ Experts for this service:

  1. Our services are free with no obligation to the franchisee candidate, with the franchisor covering the consulting fees – the franchisor must charge you the same for a franchise, whether you go through us or directly to them.
  2. Affiliated with world’s largest Franchise Brokerage firm providing professional, proven experience for our clients;
  3. Represent over 500 franchises in 275 plus industry categories; that means more listings for our clients than all the other franchise consulting companies combined, this assures you that you will have choices not available with conventional broker consultants;
  4. FAC’s guide the potential franchisee through the entire process of deciding whether to become a franchisee, and how to go about it. . . on a personal and Our confidential basis.
  5. A detailed proprietary, time-proven Profile Consultation Questionnaire, unique to FBE, that allows us to totally focus on our clients’ specific goals and objectives and how their overall strengths, lifestyle, financial and business goals can be identified to enhance the success of a mutually beneficial match with the proper franchise selection.
  6. The investigation into the most suitable opportunities and educational processes are provided by our FACs on the various types of ownership and investment options and verification of each company’s success and track record.
  7. FAC’s provides multiple funding sources to assist the investor in the acquisition of a franchise – some franchisors provide funding. Ask about our exclulsive veteran funding program
  8. Initiation of contact with company representatives is part of the service.
  9. The FBE coach acts as the one-stop shop, answering questions and referring the potential owner to other resources, as necessary, such as financial or legal advisors.
  10. The FBE coach works with all types of franchises, including full-time, part-time, new units and re-sale franchises.
  11. The potential business owner saves time and money by having the FBE experts perform research on various opportunities; we provide all the information a potential business owner needs to find the opportunity that fits their goals, plus we already know many of the safest, strongest and most lucrative opportunities in business today. . . a task that can take months for someone outside the industry.
  12. Complications and confusion are virtually eliminated by having an FBE expert perform these services.

Overall, an FBE Franchise Advisory Coach will help you determine if franchising is right for you and, if so, in what type of franchise opportunities you are most likely to succeed.