1. We have a “get acquainted” telephone interview, which allows us to learn more about your background, i.e., professional business experiences, lifestyle needs, financial goals and objectives, financial investment capabilities and if any interest in particular franchises or industries;


  1. You complete Franchise BIZ Experts’ proprietary, unique Profile Consultation Questionnaire (PCQ) (attached as a separate document) to gain a stronger understanding on your background and choices of Industry Categories (attached as a separate document) and to identify your top four choices (Steps 1 and 2 can be combined);


  1. We will review your PCQ and Industry Category documents together to clarify any questions plus, confirm prioritization of your top four industry categories and your specific location interest for the franchise/business
  1. Zip code descriptions may be required to identify territory boundaries


  1. FBE contacts the recommended Franchisors/Businesses to confirm territory is available; if available, you complete the Franchisor’s Request For Consideration (RFC) Questionnaire and your Franchise Advisory Coach sends to the Director of Franchise Development to set up a conference call/webinar to discuss details of their franchise model;
  1. We set up a conference call so you can engage in a detailed conversation with the Director of Franchise Development for each of the top four Franchisors;


  1. If there is mutual interest by both parties, Franchisor will send you their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), list of referrals to contact and other marketing support documents; we supply you, in advance of calling the referrals, with some recommended questions for the franchisees;


  1. You review the FDD, contact existing franchisees identified on the referral list and create a list of questions to ask the Director of Franchise Development for each Franchise;


  1. We set up a follow-up conference call with each Director of Franchise Development with those Franchisors for which you maintain interest to get additional questions answered to your satisfaction and to schedule attendance at a Discovery Day (visit to corporate location);
  1. This allows investor to meet with senior management team and vice versa to assure proper goals and objectives of both parties


  1. You attend Discovery Day to meet with senior management and support staff and oftentimes visit an existing franchise location; if there is mutual interest in moving forward, the Franchisor sends you a Franchise License Agreement, with description of your protected territory, to sign and you deliver a cashier’s check for the Franchise Fee;


  1. You schedule training with the Franchisor; and


  1. Upon completion of training, you launch your franchise business.